A Skript addon packed with unique and useful features
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Advanced Socket Communication

With Function Sockets, an advanced feature of MundoSK, you can communicate with other servers and even websites. Function Sockets allow you to transmit information through effects and receive and handle information using Skript 2.2 Functions.


World Customization

MundoSK's syntaxes allow you to do everything from fully control vanilla world borders to create worlds with custom settings and generators to load, unload, duplicate, and delete worlds with ease, as well as manage difficulties and gamerules.


More Useful Features

Have you ever needed a way to easily handle Minecraft books and enchanted books? MundoSK offers that with simple, logical syntaxes. You can also interact with achievements, handle errors, and use TerrainControl features, and if MundoSK doesn't have it, just suggest it!